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A list of all businesses we have for sale

Recent Transactions

I’ve been asked repeatedly about the type of deals we typically do, so I’ve provided a list of the deal flow for the past 18 months.

Summary of M&A deal flow in the past 18 months

Trucking and oil rig moving company:  Utah, Sales price $15-20 million. Company has 100 employees and offices in Wyoming and Utah. They provide trucking services to clients in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming and are licensed in all 50 states. Acquired by strategic investor who utilized multiple arbitrage to enhance and increase company value.

Oil field contracting services: Colorado (under contract),  Sales price $10-15 million Company has 90 employees and has offices in northern Colorado. They provide construction and trucking services to the oil field and construction industries in Colorado and Wyoming.  Set to close in January, 2015.

Equipment rental and electrical services company:  Utah, Sales price $8-12 million. Company has offices in North Dakota, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.  Purchased by a financial investor who is a private equity group.

Logistics Company: Oklahoma, Purchase price $8-12 million. Represented buyer for the acquisition of a logistics and transportation company.  Business is currently shuttered and value of the equipment and real estate acquired is $11.6 million. Set to close in November.

Materials handling company:  Utah, Sales price under $5 million. The largest non-mechanized materials handling company in Utah. Has dealer distribution network in Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.  Had one retail location in Salt Lake City.

Equipment rental company: (under contract) Utah, Sales price under $5 million. Company has an office in Utah and 2 employees. Has doubled sales in the last 3 months. Rapidly expanding company with huge growth potential.  Set to close in November.

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