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Now is a great time to sell a business in Utah.  The 2012 CNBC poll of which states are the most business-friendly states ranked Utah as #2 in the nation!!  Those of us who have done business in Utah already know this, but now the nation is becoming increasingly aware of how business friendly Utah is.

If you are considering selling a business in Utah now is a good time to sell a business in Utah!  Buyer appetite for the beehive state is strong.   I recently worked with a buyer who owns multiple businesses in California and he is selling out to move to Utah where, as he puts it, “people are business friendly”, unlike his native California where higher taxes and increased regulation have soured his appetite to remain.

The rankings were based on the following 10 criteria:

  1. Cost of doing business
  2. Workforce
  3. Quality of life
  4. Infrastructure and transportation
  5. Economy
  6. Education
  7. Technology and innovation
  8. Business friendliness
  9. Access to capital
  10. Cost of living

Surprisingly, Utah surged from 8th place to 2nd place toppling Virginia, who fell to 3rd due to congested freeways. The Beehive State boasts “low costs, a world class workforce,  and moves into the top 10 for Quality of Life”.    Utah’s ranking was also noted in US News.  What this means is if you are considering selling a business in Utah in the near future, buyers are looking closely at Utah as a place to make an acquisition.  Selling a business in Utah may be easier than you think.  


Utah – a great place to do business!

Utah - a great place to do business!

Utah voted 2nd best state to do business in for 2012

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